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The 88 / Not Only But Also (Island Records)

The 88 / Island Records

The 88 / Not Only But Also (Island Records)

The 88 / Not Only But Also (Island Records)

This LA-based pop rock band needed artwork for an upcoming album but didn’t have any strong ideas or direction of what they wanted. Inspired by the pop rock nature of the music along with their whimsical, playful personas, I wanted to reference a 1960’s “Beatles-esque” direction for the package photography, and collaborated with photographer Gavin Bond to achieve that. Also, the album cover features the Mariposa butterfly (sourced by the photographer), which serendipitously had the form of the number 88 on its wings, and happens to look a lot like their existing logo.

Photography: Gavin Bond

Services: Art Direction, Photo Shoot Art Direction, Design